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Denver's Top DUI Attorney


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Need to beat a DUI or criminal charge?  Don't wait! Call us now at (303) 357-3035 for a 100% free consultation with a Denver DUI Attorney.  We give you the highest caliber representation with a proven track record of getting results.

Highest Rated 5-Star Reviewed Criminal and DUI Defense Attorney

Highest Rated 5-Star Reviewed Criminal and DUI Defense Lawyer

Mr. Geman is as good as it gets..if you are in trouble, please call him A.S.A.P.

Nicolas Geman is by far the best lawyer in Denver.

He is personable, loyal, and has integrity. He cares to get to know YOU and makes sure you are at ease through the entire process. He makes sure you understand everything that has happened, and will happen. 

Nicolas Geman gave me my life back again.

He understands how frustrating it is to hire a lawyer from a big firm, and have some rookie you've never met show up on your court date. HE will be the one looking at your case, meeting with you, calling you, and showing up on your court dates. I will absolutely recommend Mr. Geman to anyone looking for a great lawyer and he will be the only lawyer I use in the future (knock on wood) 🙂

This guy knows his stuff!! He is passionate about what he does and who he helps.... Can't say enough great things about Nicolas! One of Denver's finest attorney's...

He was extremely knowledgeable and very personable. I am going to recommend him to anyone I come across.

He calls his clients personally, and responds to emails and phone calls in a prompt manner.

Denver DUI Attorney Nicolas M. Geman

Nicolas M. Geman is one of Colorado’s leading and most-awarded Denver DUI attorneys and criminal defense trial lawyers. Mr. Geman has been nationally selected to the Top 100 Trial Lawyers by the National Trial Lawyers Association four years in a row.  He has been recognized as Top 10 in Colorado for four years running by the American Institute of DUI Attorneys, and is Colorado's State Ambassador to theAmerican Association of Premier DUI Attorneys.

Denver DUI Attorney & Criminal Defense Results That Matter

April 2017

Outcome: DUI - Marijuana Not Guilty at trial!

Description: Client was charged with a marijuana-based DUI on 4/20 after leaving a Snoop Dogg concert at Red Rocks.  Our client was observed driving at night with no headlights on, being in the right turn lane with his left turn signal on, and almost crashing into a median.

We took the prosecutors to task, and after two days of trial it took the jury just 90 minutes to decide Not Guilty!

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March 2017

Outcome: DUI Charges Dismissed!

Description: Client was charged with multiple DUI's after speeding down the highway late at night.  Our client admitted to drinking, being an undocumented resident, failed the roadside sobriety tests and then refused to take a chemical BAC test.

After months of fighting with prosecutors over the evidence, the case is being dismissed and our client's record will show no conviction!

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February 2017

Outcome: Felony Domestic Violence Dropped!

Description: Client was facing Felony Domestic Violence Assault charges after an altercation with his girlfriend at a party with multiple controlled substances and heavily intoxicated people.  Our client's girlfriend left the altercation with numerous visible injuries that required medical attention.

After investigating the case, interviewing witnesses, and arguing with law enforcement, our client was never charged with the felony-level domestic violence assault crimes he was facing!

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